A thread for The_Respect_Winker and Aggpass to settle their long-running feud. Profk is involved too for some reason.

Gonna lock you both in here until you sort this out, it’s getting out of hand now.

I’m more in favour of encouraging and possibly escalating the feud.


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Yesterday he said to me words to the effect of “you should never be allowed to post here with your friends on the community EVER AGAIN” and I think that is one of the meanest things it’s possible to say to a fellow community member.

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We can do that too.

Say that to him please.

I would never do it, I’m not heartless enough

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No I mean tell him how what he said to you made you feel, you know deep down, in your tummy.

He knows how it made me feel. It made me feel upset.

Maybe you should punch him.

That post was for @Steved

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would like to see the donation totalizer changed to the ‘respect totalizer’. would be informative to see the respect for the man go down by the hour.


You’ve been just as hurtful as Aggpass these last few days as well. I really thought we had a good, strong foundation of friendship but you keep saying things to me that are really unkind.

You’re really not helping here. Keep it up

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we’ve been on extremely rocky ground for a while now, and I could see something like this coming a mile off. I didn’t think the incessant demands for respect would be quite this extreme, however, but THAT’S OUR TONE ISN’T IT. always pushing the envelope, always getting people’s backs up.

I think I’ve said enough now, and we should stay out of each other’s way.

they know what they need to do, they’re just too shy to broach it with one another


This is the most considered response you’ve thrown my way in some weeks. Thank you for taking the time to compose it.