A thread for thoughts that don't warrant their own thread

  1. Do you think the move to a cashless society is directly hindering the homeless? I literally never have cash on me to give when asked and always feel guilty about it.

  2. Haven’t seen mini shredded wheat fruity for ages

  3. You don’t see mudguards on car wheels often any more do you

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re: #3 do you still get silhouettes of ladies on trucker’s mud flaps?


Why have people stopped using question marks

I always feel like turning my pockets out just to prove I have no money when I get asked.


I actually saw one of those the other day. Thought it was just a thing that exists in American films/TV

Can’t we just get rid of staff so shops can be open 24/7 so I don’t feel guilty about people not getting time off

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  1. I listened to a very good scroobius pip podcast on homelessness. It was saying there is a lot more you can give you a homeless person than money, like your time/conversation/steer them in the right direction of help/soup kitchen etc.

90% of people who call into 6Music are from my neck of the woods.

Quite keen on the company name cistermiser

Brexit’s not really going to be that bad, is it? ;o)

I’ve watched nearly half of Attack on Titan over the past few days. I have no idea why.

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I watched London Has Fallen while hungover at the weekend. It was really bad.

I saw a pigeon die yesterday and today a man in a white van scream at an Audi driver.


Circle of life.

I prefer the one that goes can you feel the love tonight.


Sorry, I’m not really into hip hop.

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I dunno how you can’t have cash, really. Are you down with paying those extra 30p values or whatever in order to get a coffee? Or not being able to grab a small item from a small newsagents, like if you need a tin of tomatoes for dinner, and you don’t want the owner to lose money on the transaction?

Transaction fees are tiny now, grandad.

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Oh right, okay then.

I still feel weird having no cash. How else can I admire the plastic money and new pound coins?

When a survey asks me “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?” when I always select “Never”, it’s not always because the product/company were awful, it’s because I never recommend stuff to people, because I’m not some Capitalist shill. But do they know this?