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Yeah, I’m down with that.

I guess living and working very close to the city means I’m never far from a cashpoint if I need one. I never do though, the last time I paid in cash for something was a taxi home about 3 weeks ago.

Cash is for ice cream vendors and that is about it.

I operate a strict ‘no card machine, no ice cream’ policy.

I find it useful when paying for stuff in restaurants with lots of others. I really hate being the cunt who requires splitting over different credit/debit cards.

Although these days I normally just pay for it all and get people to send me back the money electronically, so…


Very wise

the shop decathlon is surprisingly shit for running trainers

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Think we covered this before recently, but the only places left on earth where you can’t pay by card are Chinese takeaways* and my work’s canteen.

*The two we currently use and the one by my mom and dad’s old place know who you are and where you live just from the number you ring them from somehow and they punch your order into a computer and it prints off the order, rather than scribbling it down on a notepad - I’m gonna say generally speaking, Chinese takeaways are on it technology-wise, but at the same time they’re all cash only. What’s that all about? Fiddling their taxes?

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Not having a pound for a trolley is very annoying

Great for javelins, though.

i’ll keep that in mind Eps, thanks

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definitely nothing to do with fiddling their taxes.

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Need to go and get yourself a car from the place I had mine from - trolley-token keyring!

usually give a lump sum to one of the beggars near my place (he lives in a shelter type thing up the road), since I never have money on me.

i just don’t pretend i care about homeless people


I reckon that is just about as good as Ricky G can look.

I’ve never been more uncertain as to what constitutes a “Polish doughnut”.

I searched for “Ricky Gervais smug” and was overwhelmed by the number of results.