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Hello. Yesterday I went to Milan and I bumped into minor celebrity Jay Rayner on the train from the airport to the city centre. This was my second trip to Italy, the first time I bumped into minor celebrity Vanessa Feltz in the Colosseum. Bit weird that isn’t it?

This obviously is not worthy of a thread in and of itself so please use this thread for any of the threads-in-your-head-that-don’t-justify-having-an-actual-thread


@Antpocalypsenow I feel that ‘bumped into’ implies you had a prior relationship with the sleb and so both used the chance encounter to say ‘hi’, have a quick catch up, and then move on with your separate days. Is this a fair characterisation of the two encounters?


@AphexTwinkletoes @Antpocalypsenow

or that you physically bumped into them.

did you?


No, it’s not a fair representation at all (but this is my own fault for the phrasing). I exchanged brief words with Jay Rayner and don’t think I said anything at all to Vanessa Feltz.


Thanks @Antpocalypsenow for your candour.
Thanks @japes for your diligence.


decided I wouldn’t buy my peppercorns from Morrisons earlier. they were far too expensive, so I’ll pick some up in Lidl next time I pop in


I met Jay Rayner once, seemed nice enough. Big chap. How did your conversation go?


You don’t need peppercorns imminently or anything do you?


I do really man, yeah. down to say two generous sprinkles, or three liberal. I hovered around the corns for a fair while bud. say two minutes


He’s fucking huge isn’t he, very surprising. He caught me double-taking as I walked past so I said “Enjoying Masterchef?” to acknowledge the fact that I recognised him he said that he was and asked what I was doing in Milan (not in an aggressive way, in a chit-chatty way) so I told him I was going to the football and he lightheartedly scoffed and said that he, unsurprisingly, isn’t a football fan. I said that I wouldn’t have expected him to be and wished him a good trip.


Hmm, and when is your next Lidl visit pencilled in for?


I might pop in after playing footie tonight


Phew! Should just about be alright in that case.


I would have pegged him as a football fan - one of those slightly up themselves north London Arsenal fans who sees going to a game as a proper connection to the working class culture of their grandparents.


Fair point that actually, could have gone either way. Could deffo picture him chowing down on a half time focaccia at the Emirates in fairness.


don’t think this even justifies its own reply to be honest mate


got a nice himalayan salt mill from lidl the last time I was in. it’s empty now. might pop in and get another one.


who the bloody hell is Jay Rayner



Jay Rayner is a restaurant critic and author who appears regularly on the UK version of the TV show Masterchef.


the observers food hatchet job man