A thread for Thursday 17 December 2020


Got my appraisal this morning so that should be a laugh.

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:smiley: Oh snap, me too! Want to meet at the tea machine later to compare notes?

And a sparrowhawk in a pine treeeeeeee

Edit. FFS, they stole my line.


Ha, sure!

What are you most proud of this year?
“Er… still alive?”


Pine tree is MUCH better

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Christmas party today. 7 hours pencilled in. We’ll see about that


thought we weren’t going to get any of these this year


:smiley: That’s a good one.

I’m going to try this approach:


Morning all!

I’m going to be trying to mark all of my outstanding pieces of work this morning so I don’t have do it tomorrow. Having written that down, I am fully aware that my class won’t allow me the time to do this.

We’ve got a work Xmas event on Teams later but I am doing nursery pickup so might just not bother.

Morning, CBA

I’m trying to be all cosy/snoozy in bed but the workmen outside are doing something that sounds like they’re dragging a massive spade back and forth across concrete for a nice change from the digging and drilling

3 meetings until OoO

Just sitting here waiting for meeting 1 - a campaign concept presentation from an ad agency which I’ve already seen three times as I sent it back to them each time with notes on how to improve it. Now I have to try and keep my mouth shut while they present it to the 20+ person project group

Meeting 2 directly after that - director’s end-of-year appraisal/presentation based on the results of staff feedback

Meeting 3 at 12:30 - information meeting; point-by-point debrief from the week-long crisis meetings of the board

fully expect at least one of these meetings to be postponed until tomorrow

If not, Christmas begins at 2pm today!

I am SO ready to erase work from my mind for a few weeks, the last fortnight has nearly broken me

Dave did you check the preview pain on the intranet about our massive charity contribution.
“Nah mate it’ll be fine”


2 more days


Basic syllable ratios innit. Silly evening standard


7 hours?!

Three days left before Christmas! Ended up saving more than I budgeted for this month so might treat myself to a deliveroo lunch

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Post office isn’t even open and yet I’m still in a 10 person queue and I forgot my hat and I’m cold


One of the devs that is working on my project just whatsapp’d me saying they’re going out in a couple of hours and they can jump on and help if i want on their day off.

My reply

“Day offs a day off chief, you go enjoy yourself and relax. I’ll speak to you tomorrow”

What a guy i am