A thread for Thursday evening

Yes, that’s right, evening threads are back, baby!

How was your day? Any plans for this evening? What’s for dinner?

In the last 20 minutes I just smashed a glass saucepan lid and it shattered and went EVERYWHERE and then I opened my post to see a penalty charge notice because I forgot to pay the drop-off fee at Gatwick when I dropped my son off. Argh. Luckily within the discounted bit so only £15 but still. Hoping my evenings improves from here on.


Lol Bez on Hollyoaks

I might start watching Hollyoaks again. I haven’t watched it for about five years but I bet I can get back into it easily yeah?


I’ve got Five Guys on the way.

Might order a burger and chips after that, ho ho


:laughing: that took me a minute

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Car needs a new clutch so that’s great. Not in a very good mood tonight. Hoping kievs, homemade wedges, peas and a beer will help but I might just sulk about the house until bedtime.

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Oh no, that sucks. Is it going to cost a lot?

I’d have thought so. Will find out exactly tomorrow but it’ll be higher than my car-fixing budget of £0 I’d wager.

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Oh man. As somebody who’s forked out £340 of imaginary, non existent money on wheel bearings, shock absorber and coil spring for my car this week, I feel your pain.


Stupid fucking cars. Really miss living somewhere I had no need for one tbh.

Just paying my vehicle tax, if you know what I mean

The worst. Unfortunately im not scrouge mcduck so I can’t afford train travel everywhere

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Okish day. Then some bad/sad news. Day off tmrw so will have a few drinks and maybe watch some films*
*immediately fall asleep while putting kids to bed

Hope you’re ok safari


Dog wakes at 5.30am. Hollyoaks is on at 6. Very much into it. Cyndi, Nancy and Mercedes still in it. Like the last 25+ years never happened.

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Evening all!

Today completed the first stage in our home improvement Gant chart .

New smoke alarms and fuse box fitted, along with some fixing of shonky wiring and light sockets. We’ve effectively paid someone a lot of money to disconnect our shower in order to pay someone else a smaller amount to let us use our hob safely again.

I messaged my class at 8.18 this morning to tell them we were going online this afternoon but two didn’t get the message and travelled into college. I did a meeting with the exam board after work where I was the only non-school teacher and also the least senior in terms of hierarchy.

The men were still fixing wires when I got home so we ate takeaway again. I had a vegetable laksa and noodles.

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Good evening my friends

Invite for second stage interview came through, so that’s good. Next one is longer and will probably be less informal though. I’m currently at a point in job hunting where I could write an amusing actually shit and unfunny article about how similar job hunting and dating are these days

Had freezer chilli and some rice for tea (put too much water in the rice cooker and it came out all stodgy)

An ex who I was with for a few years contacted me wanting to go for a drink tomorrow. We’ve not spoken at any length for years, feeling a bit wary about it

Just put on Lost Daughter but my heads all over the place so i might struggle to concentrate

Evening all. Feels like it should be Friday already. I’m certainly winding down.

Anyway, I’ve got a tasty Cloudwater beer, and I’m horizontal on the sofa, so I’ve got that at least

Was watching a rocket launch (unmanned thankfully). Looks like it’s crashed

Abolish space exploration imo