A thread for tomorrow: Bodge Jobs

Hi guys, bit late in the day I know but can you all have a good think overnight so you can contribute to this thread which will be about your best and worst bodge-jobs.


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You know, like whacking a bit of duck tape over a pipe instead of fixing a leak or whatever (but more interesting examples than that)

ah, i see.
should surely have a few examples of this, will give it some deep thought over the course of my evening. in fact i’m gonna be taking the dog for a bbig walk soon, that’ll give me some good thinking time.

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Yeah I can think of one that worked really well. I’ll save it for tomorrow, though.

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Thanks Lopesy. Enjoy the walk!

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I’ve built a temporary shelter/awning that I’ll think you’ll enjoy.

A couple of summers ago I built a gate at the end of our chicken run. All looked great and straight and perpendicular until I, err… hung (?) it on the hinges. Most uneven thing I’ve ever seen, it’s like it was designed by Escher.

I’ll take a photo tomorrow

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Can’t wait for this!



When my mates and I were about 17 we drove down to west Wales for a week of camping, and my mate’s piece of shit car inevitably broke down while we there, with the whole exhaust thing basically falling off. But, with a roll of duct tape, a pen knife, and a Sprite can, I managed to fashion a temporary fix which safely got it to the mechanics up the road. Top bodging!

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Feel like the redacted part is really crucial here, shame as it sounds like a very promising bodge story.

weed plantation. obv.

Our shower door is held on in part by two zip-ties. At first it was a temporary fix, but works so well I’ve just left them. They’re the same blue as the bathroom.

Zip-Ties, now that’s interesting, I would call them Cable-Ties but I knew what you were talking about, how interesting.

Yes, that is interesting! I like to think of the little zzzzzip! noise they make when fastening them.

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What would be a real treat is if anyone has really done their homework and photographed a current bodge-job for our enjoyment…

did i mention the leak in our dining room following the huge storm the other week? i think i did. anyway my solution was to duct tape a towel to the ceiling and a plastic bag over the socket beneath it. theyre still there



Toms are looking past their best, eh?