A Thread For Tomorrow: Do you have a work wife/husband?


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TIL having good friends at work could be a threat to my marriage.

Yeah, reckon I have 2.
The woman I’ve sat next to for the last 3 years, who is really nice and the woman I’ve worked with on a project for last few years. The 2nd one is more complicated because we often hate each other. I am in love with neither of them, but love and respect them

Oh, and yesterday I asked the one I sit next to to move her fizzy water bottle from my eyeline because out of the corner of my eye it made it look like my phone was ringing. She might be glad she is leaving in a few months, but she’ll miss my ways!!!

Oh yeah totally, once, wasn’t married though so whatevs

‘work wife’
‘daily mail’

ahm oot


I do not have a work wife or husband. I believe I had a work wife at one stage a couple of years ago and it was a bad scene.

I believe I did have a “work wife”, there were even rumours that we did little to quash that we were having an affair. Ooh, bit of office goss!

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I work with my actual boyfriend, which is not ideal. It’s ok though, I’m going to be working in another department for 6 months starting in a few weeks… where I’ll be working with a work friend’s very recently ex-husband. That’s got no potential for awkwardness, right?

I work with my actual gf, didn’t stop me!

Exactly this.

At first I was all “ffs, this is ridiculous, why can’t people accept in this day and age that men and women can be platonic friends?!”, then it turned out there were at least three affairs going on in an office of about thirty people so I can’t really blame folk for thinking this was number four tbh tbf.

Respect the TOMORROW guys!


I have a forum wife: @plasticniki

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Oh my god.

I have a work husband but he’s gay so maybe he is my wife instead?

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Not really, no. There’s a lady I work closely with here, but I wouldn’t say so close as to be thought of as a work wife.

Hmmm… You should probably delete this.

I don’t think thats how it works

Seventy per cent of employees say having friends at work is the most crucial part of a happy working life.

Hahahahahahaha what?

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