A thread for Wednesday

Urgh, after lying awake for 90 mins for no reason I’ve decided to get up and go to the gym. Currently having my first ever bowl of white chocolate Coco Pops. They’re basically just Rice Crispies. A farce.

White chocolate coco pops sound like a white supremacist satire.

I am battling a cold still. Had about 8 Lemsip in the last 3 days.

Today Wikipedia told me Patricia Highsmith wrote the first lesbian novel with a happy ending

Too hard lame fuck mornings


Day 3 of Pretoria. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner every day with the other guy who is here. He’s fine but I think we’re starting to run low on small talk…

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Morning. Was having a good morning until I got out to the car to find that somebody had broken into it. No damage at all, just a root around to try and find a sat nav or something. Weird.

Humankind’s greatest achievement; the hotel breakfast;



I had sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, grilled tomatoes, toast & butter, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts, croissant, freshly squeezed orange juice & coffee.



Start on Big Talk, you might even scare him away to another table.


So jealous

Another fun day ahead, definitely leaving at half four today. DEFFO

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Still sick. Painful to swallow today, so that is a nice development.

Has he downloaded all the Disintegration State back catalogue yet? Start him in on that

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It was a good breakfast. I’d be jealous too if I hadn’t just eaten it

I tried that already. He thinks politics isn’t worth worrying about as it’s never really impacted his life (upper middle class white guy in his late 30s) - if the economy gets worse you just have to work harder or want less… Really thought based on some other social awareness comments that he was gonna be better than that. Alas no.

He likes mid-90s Warp so he should like my stuff… We’ve chatted about the label but he didn’t ask for my artist name or the label name :no_mouth:

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woah I could definitely go for a bit of hotel breakfast right now

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Day three of four


Trains are disrupted so having a bit of an undeserved lie-in.

Then heading to London this afternoon for a meeting tomorrow. First time I’ve been allowed to stay overnight rather than having to fly down in the morning which is good.

Amy lme’s with restaurant recommendations near Kensington/earl’s court (with VG options, will travel if its particularly good for VG stuff)? Maybe @aboynamedgoo ?

Got some fancy strawberry and elderflower jam to try out.

Listening to Stereo Dee by Mogwai while calming eating a banana in the parked car

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Got to wait in for a delivery. Of course it’s either already been attempted whilst I’ve been to nursery, or will come after I leave for work this afternoon.

Had another dream that I was in a covers band, this time with @Kallgeese, @anon75298087 and @colon_closed_bracket, and we played Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes, Zombie and The Chain and everyone fucking loved it.


I would pay actual money to see that line up / set list.

Morning all!