A Thread For Wednesday

Alright? Back to work today and the weather has taken a turn for the horrific. Real cba going on here right now. Already looking forward to a Brian Harvey Special for dinner and more Schitt’s Creek later. What you got going on?

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Alrighty. 6am start today to continue the never ending task of moving the shop around into it’s normal layout. Leaving at 2 and get to spend some time with the kids this afternoon :grinning:

Snapped one of my shoelaces on my DMs today so really could do with some cash to get some new shoes


This is the earliest I’ve been up for days. Studio today.

So Sleepy; about two cups of coffee into the pot and have started to suspect that the coffee is faulty since I’m still yawning about every 30 seconds.

I suppose I need to get dressed too? I’m not sure I remember how to…

Morning all.

GF is working today, so I reckon I’ll largely be doing Lego, playing vidya and looking after Smudge.

Might get a few Mandalorian episodes in too.

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Couldn’t get to sleep until an hour or so ago when I then had a horrific nightmare so I’m awake again. Might have a shower then try again.


I can leave the house today for the first time since Monday last week! :partying_face:

Not that I’m going to do an awful lot with my newfound freedom.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



It’s very tasty. Mine is sadly finished.


Morning all!

I’m waiting for someone to collect a TV stand before I properly start my day doing household admin tasks (get someone to fix my cooker/ open a door that stopped opening/ groceries), personal grooming (haircut) and assorted other important tasks (playing computer games/ preparing for job interviews).

It’s raining outside and it seems cold.

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I’m sure there’s a weak joke to be made about being able to slide into your DMs but I can’t quite make it work

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There’s a weak joke for everything if you try hard enough


Just finished work. Off work for 12 fucking days! :partying_face: watch me catch covid or something…
No plans other than going to London tmrw. What is this weather fuck off!


Morning. Waiting for the rain to pass / a GP phone appointment and then I’ll head out for a quick spin.

Gonna go for a pint this afternoon I think.

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Technically back to work today, but I don’t anticipate much work being done tbh. I’ll just be logging in to make sure there’s no issues, so fingers crossed

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I had the best “night’s “ sleep I’ve had in a fortnight last night but it still ended at 4 am with a load of annoying back pain. Can heartily recommend the shower option which bought me another couple of hours. Weighing up whether to nip out now for a quick walk in the gloom.

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Working today audit

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Another day of wasting my life in a pointless job I hate :partying_face:


Anyone want to offer a little help here?

25 across is Lustier, prone to cause more satisfaction (8)

Morning smashers X

R woke at 6 and vomited so no plans today… Seems ok now, still sleeping, and was only the once so :crossed_fingers: was just too many heroes last night.

Got a real urge to deChristmas the house seems bit too early though.

Slightly tipsyly ordered some snakeskin boots the other night so they should arrive :rofl: Just £12!!


I was thinking the second word could be grouse? But can’t get the first one to work.