A thread for Wednesday

Alright? Pretty grey and rainy day here in TQ7. Gonna go off down the beer mines shortly then my parents, sister and nephew are coming over later so should probably tidy up a bit. What’s on today then?

Morning Funky and DiS

It’s my birthday today. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing as it’s the first one with a small baby involved. But I’ve taken it off work, and we’ll probably go out for a walk if it stays dry. Might even go to the pub for a drink or two.


Happy birthday! :partying_face:


Happy birthday @spicer! :partying_face:

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Morning funky and spicer and dingers and happy birthday spicer! I hope you have a lovely day and get some more nice things to add to all your other nice things in your home :blush: (please share).

Up earlier to catch up on work. Got a coffee. Got a haircut, having boring haircut regrets, one day I will go for it and get a Bob. One day.

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Happy Birthday @spicer ! Have a lovely day.
I’ve had really annoying neck ache for a few days, ruining sleep and making me grumpy. I hope it goes today, as it’s your birthday and all :tada:

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FAO of @spicer




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Have to get the train down to London to pay my respects to are dear Queen Lizzy.

it’s actually for a work meeting but I need to head straight for the queue route so I’m hoping to see some truly unhinged shit on the way


Happy birthday @spicer :partying_face:

I’m very sleepy. Very sleepy indeed.

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Morning all :wave:

Day three of my Staffordshire odyssey - am off to Stafford today. Had to power-walk to Stoke train station due to an urgent call of nature, but all is okay in that respect.

Can’t wait to be back in my own bed tonight.

Oh and happy birthday @spicer! :partying_face:


Happy birthday @spicer !

Been awake since 4am for no reason, ended up doing some work which was bleak but good because I have loads to finish this week. Will probably crash at lunch.

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Aww a total gem - happy cakes @spicer :birthday: :moon_cake: :fish_cake: :pancakes: :cupcake: :cake:

Slept in my goggles last night, totally normal i think you’ll find.

Day to catch up on work today but i have meetings form 11 until 4 so urm, no work again then.

Desperate need of a croissant today :croissant:

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Had to go into the office for a pointless meeting, really disrupting my usual morning routine of staying in bed until the last possible second.

Bonus that I can get a nice lunch and see the PoliNation event.

We’re moving tomorrow, but Sky have helpfully switched off the internet today. Thanks!


was very excited for a good deep sleep and … another interrupted night, bleh! feel like megacrap thanks for asking

blind broke last night too so need to work out a fix or disturb the slumbering letting agents beasts

got a phone appointment booked to deal with my ridiculous blocked nose (about 3 months straight now) so hopefully that leads somewhere

misc activities otherwise

book it for the weekend


Long old 3 mile walk into work in the rain after doing drop offs. Sticky now. Going to treat myself to a bacon bap and a tea as I’ve not had brekkie yet. Probably going to scab a shorter day too as I severely can’t be cba


Morning all,

Happy Birthday @spicer :gift::tada::birthday::partying_face:

Currently sat on bed watching S2 of Back which I realised I never got around to (and needed something else now I’d finished my rewatch of Superstore). Had a coffee, yogurt and breakfast biscuits for breakfast, contemplating a 2nd coffee. F is kicking about and on the bed next to me. Waiting for her to nap so I can jump in the shower.

Another day of errands ahead. Need to pop to Trentham to get some Stoke gifts for some relatives Mr s_w has visiting this evening, then Ive got a huge pile of baby clothes to sort that ive been meaning to do since Sunday which I will start on today.

Lunch will be left over salt and pepper chicken and mushroom stir fry so looking forwards to that.

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Happy bday @spicer :birthday::partying_face::cake::gift::balloon:

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