A thread for when an album finds you at a perfect age.

This week I have been listening to Hats by The Blue Nile. It has scratched an itch that I don’t think anything else could have scratched, certainly not for 35 yr old me.

I think I would have dismissed this album out of hand in the past, even as a a kid who grew up listening to Prefab Sprout and Tears For Fears and all that good 80s stuff.

What albums, new or old, have hit you at just the right age?


The first album that comes to mind is Plastic Surgery Disaters by the Dead Kennedys. The depth, paranoia, scathing dismissal of things I kind of took for granted from mainstream American movies, etc - it was startlingly refreshing to hear them cut this all down.

Being in my formative years somewhat still then, the album shaped the way I see things like brash people at college / work, people with pointless money based ambition, cars, needless pride in home security, etc, etc. I just found the levels of truth in that record stunning at 14, I don’t think I’d find it as mind expanding as I did if I’d heard it much later in life. I had never heard a band take apart eventing so well.

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The Holy Bible - as an angsty sixth former