A thread for your wednesday needs

I thought it was Thursday. It isn’t. :frowning_face:

Got a Man coming round to fix some fence panels in a bit. Hate having Men in. Just do your thing and leave, I don’t want to talk to you.

not only did I think it was Thursday today, but I also have someone round to have a look at my drains. spooky. fortunately on the latter I can just leave that to my wife to not talk to them, thus avoiding the whole issue :+1:

I’m in early and no fucker is here yet so I’m sat outside the office. My hat and jumper match.



Just called in sick. Might play FFVII for the day.


Was off yesterday for sick children woes, so got a shit load to catch up on and… done it already. Lol. Don’t tell anyone.

Off tomorrow for sorry I actually can’t tell you as it’s personal but it is a Good Thing, also you’re a nosey fucker aintcha so Only got today, Friday and then I’m in Leicester Monday and Manchester Tuesday. Pretty busy.

I wfh and my TV works in an office, so I always have to deal with them. So very not fair.

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I’ve pulled out my lower back and I’m in a lot of pain and slept terribly.

I have to go to work though cause my boss is over. I swear every time he’s over, I’m sick or I’ve injured myself. That man has a curse on me :sob:

Had to put a tie on today. Pretty sure I’ll be reflecting on this as a highlight by the time I get back home.

Still feel wobbly as fuck but I’ve got two meetings with Big Cheeses today so here I am, at my desk, greatest martyr in the history of office workers.


You sure they aren’t crisps in cellophane?

Morning all.

Our bed more or less disintegrated last night so we had to sleep on a blow up mattress in the living room. This confused the cat who opted to use me as a bed for the night. It was kinda sweet.

Nothing else to report. Hope you’re all well.

ur crisps in cellophane

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Today’s my Friday as we’re on strike from tomorrow :hammer_and_pick: Got loads things to finish off today.

Already had one person have a go at me for coming in sick. Look pal, I know, but I’ll happily take any chance to not come into work but I’m not really in a position to mug off the CTO so leave me alone.

My alternate every Wednesday off makes my alternate every Wednesday in seem like some kind of hellish torture

Same, comrade! Gonna slow cook something tomorrow, no idea what, but it feels rude not to. Anyway, I should probably go to work now.

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Bet if you weren’t in the same person would be saying “I can’t believe Epimer couldn’t even drag himself off of his sickbed for his meeting with the CTO”, or similar.

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Got a meeting with some ill scottish card nerd