A thread for your wednesday needs

Going to drink some beers and see a production of Trainspotting tonight. Bit anxious about how ‘immersive’ it will be but reviews are great. Has anyone seen it?

I’m always having dreams where I’m desperately looking for the loo and kind find one. Or even worse having a wee in my dream - but it never ends.

I have not wet the bed during one of these yet.

theyre going to throw shit at you in the scene where yer man shits the bed


I saw it on stage in the 90s - does that count

I seem to remember liking it - the tone is more dark - so closer to the book than the film

Hmmm nah.

got Thai green curry soup for lunch, it’s fucking INCREDZ

I can live with that.

Today has been an avoidable waste of public money which is nearly as bad as the fact that I’ve had to wear this tie for nowt.

Watched Phantom Thread last night and am hankering for a mushroom omelette.

This is quite spoilerific so be warned.

woke up at 8ish to see if I was feeling any better/if I could survive today, was convinced to stay in bed, just woke up again at 1:45, very confused.


Are we keeping you up Witches?

I would like a coffee. I have no milk. Might have to just go for it :grimacing: or else :zzz:

Hows your day going?

Another question.

Does anyone sit on a ball instead of a chair at work? And if so, is it good?

I finally started working ten minutes ago and now I’m back on here. Strong work ethic I have going.

If you’re off the shop to get milk can you bring me back a bottle of coke zero please?

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Nah, it’s too much of a pain in the arse going to the shop. I am going to just have it without :muscle:

P.S. Doesn’t matter that you’re back on here, you started and that’s the main thing! :smiley: WOO! Work!

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@Kallgeese to thread.

Hahahaha! What gave you that impression? Office chair wanker here, though I am often found sitting on the floor while on a long call.

Oh god I’m terrified that this isn’t you now but haven’t you posted about sitting on your knackers a few times before?

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Ahhhhh! That’s what you meant! I have occasionally sat on a ball or two before!