A thread for your wednesday needs

That’s going to do your stomach the world of good.

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Is this work related or are you pro bono-ing a peniod?

dinner first

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How do you deal with hat hair?

I have really bad hat hair today. And it won’t go back down.

Nothing to report.

Morning. This is my Monday but I’ve got Nils Frahm tonight to keep me going. Even if the new album is underwhelming we’ll still get Says and Hammers and the toilet brush song so that’s good.

Knackered today. Just want to sleep at the desk. Day off tomorrow though. Zzzzzzz

feeling pretty low not gonna lie

I just leave it quite messy to be honest chief. I’m in a post-wax hair world so no styling necessary.

Possibly the position of the tongue in their mouths to pronounce different vowels.

going to see new wes anderson tonight at the GFF opening, fully expecting @Lo-Pan to be there as there’s free booze


Eh excuse me fitz, I’ll be here alright but In my capacity as festival supporter and supplier…and just maybe because of the free booze :grinning::wink:


Oooo jealous!! I’m looking forward to seeing that.

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aye i love his stuff, the trailer looks great too

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hopefully having a beer for breakfast is a good idea

“I’ve 'ad tae gooooo ter Burger King”.

What I thought was “a” puts the tongue low in the mouth, whereas “e” (in trespass) is in the middle and “u” is high, so trespuss against us takes fewer movements.
On the other hand, I might be talking bullucks.

What a world.

Alright 1st album Dexy’s

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My hair looks like shit is what I’m getting at.