A thread I was in just got trashed


I’m lucky to be alive.


you might be suffering from shock still


ccb is off his fucking nut.

someone needs to take him out.


And while we’re at it…

Fuck sean.

And Theo.


At the OPer’s wish!


You’re a maniac.

No one is safe.


Put it back or I’ll send covert operative @thewarn to take you out.


was it the pubes thread? dunno if im into this.


Are you sure you want it moved back? People are going to get cross if I keep dicking around.




You wouldn’t demolish a house without checking it was empty first, would you?

Maybe you would if the OP asked you to, I dunno.

All I do know is that I’m scared.


There’s an obvious solution there. :wink:


What, stop taking instructions from bored forty-somethings?


I’m not bored, I’m on here.


it was me, I let my guard for a moment and posted something really fascist


you let your guard do what?


There it is - the official DiS slogan.


I let him alone for five minutes and it turns out he’s a fascist. I expected more from someone who is ex-military!


Im 'non dabant, hic sum.

That doesn’t look right.


Sum non circumforatus, hic sum