A thread idea where we describe the opening credit sequences of beloved shows of the past entirely from memory and then see how accurate our descriptions were

Some curly text and some flyby footage of some bleak looking islands.
A shot of a house in a field.
A zoom into some priests who look worried, with bombing sound effects.

channel 4 news

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just watched it again

Alright Britney

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Does anyone want to talk about something else? Is “What was the last thing you set on fire?” a viable thread?

I can only remember this episode and the one which is like The Birds but the birds are incessantly shitting on them.

Love love loved ER. Given out a lot of ER likes.

I think it is. Or “Have you ever set something on fire that you shouldn’t have?”

cop car screeches to a halt, the camera focusing on the lights. think maybe june is inside?
tosh in a car, angry
tosh in a car, angrier
cop on a walkie talkie
cop on a walkie talkie
polly in dispatch I think
reg and that one that looked like rude dog
reg and rude dog

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Let’s sit with it over the weekend and then get something posted on Monday yeah?

Can’t think of ‘Eastenders’ without immediately remembering this classic @Jeremys_Iron’s joke.


Good idea, gives us the weekend to burn things as well.


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Oh, you!

We are in Loch Ness. The title sequence pans from left to right, as a sequence of Loch Ness monsters with different identifying characteristics bat a beach ball along.

Fucks sake. I’m rubbish at this. No beach ball. It was them eating the notes played by the bagpiper at the start.


Save it for Monday, hothead!

The dancefloor/microphone

I used to be able to remember all the combinations from this show and try to say them along at the same time as they showed up on the screen. Can only remember:

Sausage / cigar
Chip / foot
Baby / ice cream cone?
Broccoli / something else
Something / telephone

Will be amazed if anyone gets this


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