A thread just purely about Stacey Solomon

Fucking great isn’t she, got a lot of time for her, potential National Treasure status in 40 years time?


love her.

Always thought the relationship with steve-o was weird, as I’d have never in a million years put them together.

Steve-O’s episode of WTF is very good, he’s a much more interesting dude than you’d think.

What was the bad thing she did? I’m sure she was in some bother for something. Smoking while pregnant is the worst Google throws up though.

She was really annoying one time on Buzzcocks, but I can get past that.

This was not a comment negative of Steve-o or accusing him of being one dimensional or anything.

It was a comment on how I wouldn’t necessarily put them together, or even in the same place at the same time. It was sweet because they did seem proper loved up and sad for them it hasn’t worked out or whatever, but yeah.


Never heard of her.

UPDATE: Googled her.

Nope. Still nothing.


Solomon Wariso

yeah man. enjoyed that episode a lot. very honest chap and an interesting back story

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She was only a major part of two of the most watched series in the country and fronted an advertising campaign for a nation supermarket chain, no reason you would have.

loved her ever since her X Factor days (to the point that I still seemingly ‘like’ her and Olly Murs on Facebook, lol)

she’s great

Going to assume she’s a charismatic Christian preacher of some sort.

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Did you see her on The Chase last night? Only went and took £60,000 off of The Governess didn’t she! I felt extremely happy for her.

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Still nothing.



Nope (don’t watch X Factor do I)

DISCLAIMER: I did not know she was off of the X Factor until yesterday, not sure where I thought she came from mind you…

not for me

This is going to become one of those threads again, isn’t it?

I don’t watch X-Factor either, but you’d have to pretty much have consumed no media at all over the past decade not to have heard of her at all, really.

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ironic and knowing off of?

I do not care for her. I do not care for Bradley Walsh and I do not care for The Chase.