A thread just purely about Stacey Solomon

I think you’ll find that you actually know.

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Mate, do you even use the internet? Come off it.

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he probably just doesn’t understand how his brain works

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Here you go guys, I know you’re all dying to know respected poster Aggpass’ view on SS:



this is a perfect example why humankind must destroy itself and start all over again

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Lovely stuff.

Just about know who she is, but only through 8 out of 10 cats, I think. Can’t think of anything else.

There are a jillion other fuckwits who ‘everybody’ allegedly knows, and who @marckee will have a cheeky read about on guardian.co.uk (which I’m not even on) but who I’m ??? about.

So it’s entirely unsurprising to hear someone say they’ve never heard of her.

I’m no more than average at Uni C (pisspoor at classics, they don’t have enough science on there, and, like too many tv quizzes, it has a disproportionate penchant for Harry Potter, LotR, & Dr Who bollox). I’m occasionally above average at pub quizzes*. I’m pretty handy at Only Connect. Robotic Uni C standalone fact memory is all well and good, @hip_young_gunslinger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but i find the questions kinda convoluted and basically heavy hints for those in the know about a select few subjects (the ‘popular music’ questions on there are a piece of piss for anyone not bought up as some weird opera child). Too much like some smarmy in-club, to be tbh. Only C is where the seemingly random (yet connected) stuff gets, well… connected. Requires an element of interrogation and elimination beyond straight-up fact recall. Thinking, rather than just remembering.


*Sleb/Quizzing/Memory tie-up thing: Remember when someone said they’d have @anon32406580 on their quiz team… to pitch in with celeb gossip? :joy:

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She’s clearly very intelligent but played the stupid card which I think is a bit deceitful. Not sure if she still does this. People like that scare me a bit because it’s like they do it to make people show their true colours/let their guards down from which they can then silently judge them behind the facade.

@TheWza likes his beef aged 21 days

Honestly, though, why the hell are you digging up threads this old? “:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Heh. Not sure why I came to this beauty late. Think it was linked to in the/a polls thread? Or I may have had it open in a tab, just knocking around waiting to be read. Or it may have bubbled up in the nag/update list at the bottom of a thread.

I quite like that the new boards are much less reliant on a thread being in the top half of the top page to have legs.

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Ah, possibly that thread of links that are to out of context posts? Fair enough.

Sorry Ant, but this degenerated into the worst thread on her

where are the other Stacey Solomon threads pls Joey from Friends?

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what’s ‘friends’?

I like this picture. Like they’ve just popped out to Londis for some tins of soup. Also, Stace has a small dog in her pocket.


Her new boyfriend is Joe Swash!

pn is going to lose her shit!


I take it you haven’t read the rest of this thread. :slight_smile:

Who’s Joe Swash? His name sounds like a tongue twister name.