A thread just purely about Stacey Solomon

Do you really think I have consumed no media at all over the past decade?


I do actually say this in real life so I’m not really sure tbh

One of the good ones.

No, I’ve never heard of her either. Don’t watch that sort of TV.

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We can’t all hope to be classy guys and deep-thinkers like you though Lonzy

:joy: such a good troll, as ever.

obviously not

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Hope is a waking dream.

Not only have I never heard of her or x-factor and I don’t own a telly, I’ve never even seen the words “Stacey” or “Solomon” before or any of the individual letters that make up those words.


I do enjoy when people are like “you must have heard of __________”


Don’t watch much telly / listen to any radio… not sure where else I would have seen her?

@Aggpass mate, Cyclist magazine is better than Cycling Plus.


Alright, but what about the green eggs and ham?

Okay then: no television, newspapers, radio, or non-indie music.

Yeah I am with @plasticniki here. No idea who this person is.

Not that is a surprise is it


Oooh boy! I’m out of my depth already! Very impressed (and a little intimidated!)

I now remember her from never mind the buzzcocks
C grade guest at best

Mate it’s okay. We’re not judging you as mentally inferior because you only read the 3AM Girls in the mirror and can’t stop watching live ITV.

like most - seen bits and bobs. seems harmless enough and probably good company over a few beers. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously

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Not even on Facebook?

mostly on demand now innit, definitely don’t pay any attention to any ads

no one buys newspapers anymore, right? and don’t really read online versions.

absolutely not

don’t know what this is tbh

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From the little I’ve seen of her she seems nice enough but is just another reality show contestant who is celebrated for being a bit dim and having a silly voice.

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