A Thread of 2020 COVID DiS FACTS

  • Coronavirus was first mentioned on these here boards on 23 January
  • COVID-19 was first mentioned on February 24
  • Wuhan was only mentioned 15 times on these here boards
  • In relation to the rona, ‘lockdown’ was first mentioned on 27 Feb
  • 6 March saw the first mention of ‘face mask’ by @jeffpistachiomagnum
  • Between 20 March and 31 May and there were 37 mentions of banana bread - it’s peak popularity period on DiS. Interest waned greatly after this point
  • 18 April kicked off Wild Garlic hysteria, but this was much more muted
  • @anon34135029 was the first to ever use the word Zoom in a meeting context in September 2019.
  • The first DiS Zoom (early prototype) occurred on 17 March: 🌟 DiS Virtual Office 🌟 (aka a chat room))



Evidence now suggests Coaronavirus might have been mentioned on these boards as early as the 23rd Jan, with the first Coronavirus thread starting on that day.


Oh rly?

yeah, I won’t link to it, though, as it’s an SSP thread with early speculation.

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Fair no worries maybe that’s why it didn’t come up in search

Can you privately link me pls as would be interested to read. As you can see I’m a bit of a fan of looking at things historically in light of what we know now

comes up in search for me

MUST have been way before this
Otherwise good stats. Would be good to look back on the threads from back then but I’m too scared to see what nonsense I’ll have been saying.


it was

these “facts” are a complete shambles

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Is this a fake news double bluff? If so it’s really well done.

I think I may have utterly fucked it


But my intentions were good so if anyone wants to fix this utter shambles please go right ahead


March 2nd

Just had a read through some of my posts in January.
Masks sold out in Thailand and worrying about the closeness to China and the amount of Chinese tourists for Chinese New Year.

Should’ve stayed over there miles safer


Apart from the go to the pub bit :cry:

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Updated my OP with some actual facts

Nice to see I’ve kept my Zoom crown. Who’s the Zoom King?

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link to a tweet with a #COVID19 hashtag on 24th Feb if that counts

or 28th Feb for COVID19


Stats updated again accordingly

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