A Thread of 2020 COVID DiS FACTS

Guided By Voices - 2020


BTW I hope it goes without saying but let’s not bring up people’s original hot takes as we were all new to this thing

(@meowington absolutely know you’re being lighthearted…it just made me think after as a result)


Oops sorry please delete my posts! Didn’t mean to be incentive or poking at anyone, just a little lol at me asking if we’ll be ok (as I was seriously so worried)

“lockdown” 27th Feb in the first 'rona thread by @anon34135029

No problem at all!!! And I’m a bit nervous now having created this thread - I just am such a fan of looking at things historically when we know what we know now.

Just turns out I am the worst fact finder in the world, too.

Forgive me for not anticipating this correctly

Interesting! Can’t find the original post. Hope it wasn’t ‘lol face masks’

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No I know, I didn’t mean anything by that

Good thread @tilty! I have actually been doing this myself a little bit, reading the original thread etc. Find it really intriguing.

I am obviously not going to do it but I’d be interested in a similar selection of facts for BLM

Post after the first coronavirus shitpost. Crazy to think how quickly this has happened

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Lots of us were, including the government


That seems unlikely to me! Someone better informed must have said something about it furst

Sorry @laelfy was trying to be lighthearted, feel silly now! :disappointed:

It’s fine

What’s the best and worst phrases to come out of the rona?

Least fave for me is unprecedented times
Fave is definitely SUBSTANTIAL MEAL

You can say it in such a weird way it’s fun


Can’t see past “Eat Out to Help Out”, personally


Mutant virus.

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as fave or least fave?


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