A Thread of Trains

Train question.

If i go from Crewe or Preston to Fort William on the overnight sleeper, whereabouts should i plan to get up from for morning views, etc?

Humourous answers appreciated (not appreciated).

Timetable here - https://www.sleeper.scot/timetable/london-fort-william/

Tbh I was expecting a single like from Keith

Like Tangerine Dream, I’m loving a real train

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I appreciate your positive feedback, Marty. It was a pleasant and unexpected bonus

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There are no trains in Ireland.

Really? You’ve never said. :wink:

Glasgow - the train goes through places along the Clyde then turns inland and hugs the of hills and stuff. The stretch leading to Arrochar in particular is incredible.

Best: pretty much anywhere on the Shinkansen, though the view around Himeji was very nice. Genuinely looked forward to making a 5-hour journey on it, and just loved the entire experience, right down to Japan’s tendency to have massive shopping-malls attached to all the major stations.

Worst: slow train from London to Oxford via Ealing Broadway, Hayes & Harlington… just everywhere.

Favourite station: Antwerpen Centraal

Most improved: Birmingham New Street since they made it nicer

Best - Verona to the Dolomites via the Brenner pass wasn’t too bad. I also enjoyed taking the train from Zagreb to Budapest with very friendly elderly Hungarians who insisted on feeding me desserts despite us having no common language.

Worst - when were leaving Istanbul we got tear gassed on the way to the airport on the first day of the Taksim protests in 2013. After that traumatic event, we made it from Heathrow to London Bridge in time for the last train south on a Friday night, it was only 4 cars and completely overcrowded; we were convinced we were going to get crushed to death underneath our suitcases.

Think it’s some of the traction equipment which is different. They were pretty much identical externally. Plus the 45’s were originally mostly used on the Midland Main Line (until being replaced by HSTs); the 46’s more generally I think.


10 points awarded for absolutely owning that question m9


I always enjoy the line between Newport and Gloucester where it skirts the Severn Estuary. Really picturesque and you get a good view of the bridges.
Bucharest to Cluj was good
Actually quite enjoy the journey to visit my parents through the Welsh Marches, although I’ve had some of my worst journeys on that route too when things have gone wrong. There’s one train a day from South to North Wales which has a proper first class dining car. Treated myself to that once - absolutely top quality three course meal in fairness.

Worst: anything involving a rail replacement bus, obviously.

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That’s a pig of a song.

Not sure it’s knowledge to be proud of, tbh!


Maaaaan this thread is really making me want to go across Europe by train (something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager)

I’ve only trained it in the UK so nicest was from Newcastle to Edinburgh like @rarity said :heart_eyes:

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Fuck yeah, Antwerp station is gorgeous. Another great one is Liege:



It was sunny while I was on the train, which I like, partly cause it makes me think of Mystery Train

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Mostly to do with different generators and traction motors on the 46 vs 45, otherwise effectively the same loco.

@blimeycharlie beat me to it.


Antwerp station is the best. Love the trains arriving on different levels.

I dropped a fancy beer in the main concourse and it echoed quite spectacularly.

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