A thread so you can stay 'with it'

Hey cool cats

Here’s one thing I know to be cool right now

Baguettes with really sharp ends. (see below, sharp baguette with pale green beans)

I don’t know any other cool things but a 16-year-old told me, contrary to other advice on here recently, that emojis ARE still ok to use and not just for old people. Who’s right? How are we meant to know?

Anyway, enjoy your sharp-ended baguette and ripping off the roof of your mouth even more than the blunt enders do.



I also spotted a sharp-ended baguette in a bakery on Brick Lane last week so I know my hunch is correct. Thank you.

Any questions?

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  • this thread will be about bread
  • this thread will be about emojis
  • this thread will be about things that are cool
  • this thread will die immediately post-poll

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@safebruv has mentioned a few times how with it he is, so I look forward to his additions to this thread


He does have his finger on the pulse - can’t see him indulging in sharp bread himself but I bet he effusively supports those who choose to

Bum bags / fanny packs
  • Round the shoulder
  • Round the waist
  • Elsewhere (EXPLAIN)
  • No

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I’m definitely not with it, whatever it is. I didn’t even know “Rylan” was a person.

I don’t think Rylan is a barometer of being with it tbh

Being with it transcends celebrity awareness.


(and none of us here are with it)

(except maybe @CillaCrack)

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Natural Wine

  • Currently cool
  • Too middle class to be cool
  • Other

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Calling natural wine ‘natty juice’

  • Cool

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being cool was easier when I was younger I think. all you needed to do was to buy a Smiths t shirt.


Interesting distinction there between cool and middle class actually. Like the baguette is middle-class cool, as is natural wine, but I’m so blinded by this Gentrifiers Cool I see everywhere that I have no grasp of Street Cool and if there’s any intersection between them.

  • gold
  • silver
  • other material (EXPLAIN)
  • no

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You forgot to vote that calling it natty juice is definitely very cool. Reckon that’s the intersection point

The bones of my enemies.


Think chains are cool on others; cannot stand the idea of actually wearing one myself

I’m giving it some time to see what my peers do - I only come to cool things after everyone else has (sharp baguette aside)

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noticed some people wearing mr t style chains recently.

  • with it
  • not with it

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Saying ‘with it’ in quote marks

  • How can we learn more coolness from this person?

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I’ll get on it after I’ve been b&m and Iceland