A thread so you can stay 'with it'

Oh didnt know it was closed. Where’s it moving to?

Damn, its gone mainstream

“Grand Central” (god, I hate that name)

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Isn’t that the flat one they’ve been doing at Sainsbury’s for about 10 years and called it a stonebaked baguette?

Never go in sainsburys but i dont think those pointy ends have been around in the uk before this year. Idk.

Edit. the seeded one seems more on the spectrum of heading towards being sharp but certainly a few evolutions off yet

Probably depends on the Sainsbury’s then Regents Road love a sharp pointy end.


i love a sharp end. am i weird?

You’re on DiS, so probably.


Had a little seeded bread roll from Sainos the other day and it had quite pointy ends to it.


At some point, they’re gonna stop allowing you to take bread on the plane


The North Face gillet, every single teenager wearing the one they got for Christmas on Cross Street this afternoon.

Going through this thread and would like to log that my wife is now wearing white socks over her black leggings a lot lately and this is absolutely doing it for me.

Apologies, do we need a ‘what’s doing it for you right now?’ thread?

just take it to the socks thread and cause some havoc

Those really shiny leggings seem to be well in. Maybe they were already mentioned here.

It’s a specific sheen, definitely not leather, but also not exactly like anything else.

I don’t really have an opinion on them but I see them a lot.