A thread to ask Marckee his opinion about a specific cycle lane on a specific bridge

Hey @marckee been meaning to ask you something, mate.

That foot and cycle bridge over the A12 between Hackney Wick and Victoria Park - You know when they marked out a cycle lane on one side of it? It’s the wrong fucking side, right? The cycle lane shouldn’t have the tightest turning circle on the u-turn bit and, similarly the cycle lane shouldn’t exit onto pavement/the pedestrian side exit onto road on the Victoria Park side.

Does this also PISS YOU OFF? And, is there anything you can do about it, please?


Yes, it does piss me off, and no, I don’t think that there is anything that I can do about it, unfortunately.

What the hell were these clowns thinking!?


Being shit is part of Hackney tradition.

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There’s actually a lot of really fantastic initiatives in and around the area of this particular bridge


Since Vincent Stops Cycling was pushed out, it has got a lot better, especially when Jon Burke was around.

I’m kidding naturally, but naffness is of course part of the charm of several bits of London. Went cyling up there myself last year, maybe might do it again some time this. Last time I failed to find the first flat I bought and rode past the flat my brother lived in for years without even noticing it.

CLARIFICATION POST: I’m posting this thread from the #PedestrianPerspective and my annoyance is NOT that of a cyclist but, instead, I am seeing an opportunity for bonding over a commonality of a problem

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Thanks for clarifying

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This is the Clarification Nation

Not a bad thread


Thanks, mate. It was a bit of a risk owing to the specificity of the brief but I think it has demonstrated some value

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What do people think of cycle superhighway 7 or whatever it’s called now

Sorry, can we try and stay on-topic in this thread, please


Is it okay to ask for a maps view/street view of this bridge, or is that too far off topic? I just want to check, as I don’t want to waste your time and mine by derailing the thread.

No, that’s a very reasonable request

Could I get a maps/streetview of this bridge?

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Black - Cycle Lane
Red - Pedestrian Lane

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Fantastic detail, thank you