A thread to ask Marckee his opinion about a specific cycle lane on a specific bridge

Great, thanks a lot @The_Respected_User!

Can we get a video of one of you walking/cycling over the bridge? Or a CGI rendering?

I wouldn’t want to go viral


Looking at this, the cycle lane is on the inside for circa 260° worth of cornering, but on the outside for only 180°. This would be the foundation of anything I’d put in writing to the council about this, ratio of inside:outside cornering degreeage.

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The ratio is about 13:9 if you’d like to put that to the local council (I’d write to them myself but I’m based elsewhere so they’d reject my request out of hand. I have no jurisdiction in your part of the world.)

You two should fight on the bridge


or kiss


Or fuck


This is the only time in my life I’ve ever seen maths utilised with any degree of usefulness. Thank you

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I make this vow now and I make it solemnly:

If @marckee and I pass each other on this bridge between now and Feb 10th we will either, fuck, kiss or fight each other for the benefit of the community


I think the community should get a say

  • Fuck
  • Kiss
  • Fight

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Let’s up the stakes

  • Fight to the death
  • Fuck to the death
  • Kiss to the death

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Neither of us are dying. Not between now and Feb 10th and not EVER

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I feel that this post doesn’t fit the tone of the rest of the thread and crosses a line


He’s the tone of our hearts


You know on Gladiators they had the thing where they hit each other with the giant cotton buds? That but the loser falls on to the dual carriageway below

I’ve often wondered if two internet sweethearts fucking each other to death on a bridge would constitute the unlawful obstruction of a public byway. Guess now I’ll finally find out. Great thread.


I wonder if any of the Cambridge DiS Crew have opinions on the Chisholm Trail (other than the humorous name)

Not sure if I need to create a separate thread for this

Not sure why you’re not sure about this really…

Your ponderance has literally FUCK ALL to do with what this thread is about or for.