A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*

This thread is devoted to specific questions to specific DiSers.

Please @ the specific DiSer you want to ask the specific question to into your post and await an answer.


As a climber, do you find the Rock Face brand of men’s toiletries more or less appealing?

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As a climber, do you want to traverse Dwayne Johnson’s pectorals?


What are you wearing?

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


What is the meaning of life @1101010 quote


Great question. I find touching most people makes me deeply uncomfortable, so that outweighs the undoubted Rock climbing potential.



Would you consider it rude to answer the second question that has been directed at you before answering the first? If not, why?


I actually hadn’t come across it!!! But I do now.
I do love climbing-branded goods.


Are we allowed to ask two questions at a time now? If so, why the blatant disregard for the OP?

There is no limit on the amount of questions that can be asked simultaneously in this thread. Thanks for your question.

Yes, I consider it rude - I mindlessly clicked on the notification and saw Marckee’s question first. Sorry, truly, friend (as someone who is furious at me, can I still call you friend?).

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(You have to @ me into the thread if you wish to ask me a question, friend. But yes, we are still friends and I am not furious)

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Can you ask Meths if he’d ever consider having a goatee when he gets into his forties?

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@realDonaldJTrump what’s your hotmail password?

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I can, but don’t want to contact him specifically to ask that. Will try to drop it in to conversation if I remember next time we speak.

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Thank you. (I don’t need an answer to the question to Meths btw, I just needed an answer from you as to whether you could ask the question)

I don’t see the point in that to be honest. I mean, what kind of a useless simpleton do you think I am?

No, me neither really. I was just wondering about when DiSers get older and if any of the DiSers that I have met would ever get a goatee but didn’t want to single anyone out specifically in this thread (nor did I feel it justified it’s own thread in and of itself) so this seemed like a way of skirting round the issue a bit.

I’ll be honest, things aren’t going that well for me at the minute…

Sorry to hear that mate. Try adopting a positive, constructive attitude and evaluate your desires against your actions. If you really want to know whether certain people will ever grow a goatee it’s best to really try and visualise how you might find that out and go for it. Skirting round the issue won’t give you the sense of fulfilment you deserve.