A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


I never even forgot…

Thank you for your question.



you must learn from your mistakes


that’s all well and good but it’s Antpo who looks bad thanks to my selfish and shameful antics


I’d like to ask @ericthefourth what his favourite ABBA song is?


@Smee Hey Smee you’ve got to do a 7hr total van drive with 5 passengers of your choice, anyone alive. Shoot.
In case you are confused you are driving the van for the entire time because you drive vans.


What do you consider to be your finest 9-letter word?


@1101010 can you find that thread about signs that are up in various peoples work places pls. i had a look for it and no joy, but i have a sign i would like to add to it


I’m confused. How many of Smee’s passengers are alive and which ones does he need to shoot? And does he have to keep driving while shooting?


It’s a cotton belt that matches the cargo shorts pretty well.


oooooooooft, that’s a really tough one. could really be any of SOS, when all is said and done, one of us, head over heels. tbh though i reckon their best song is the winner takes it all. just a perfect song, i’ll stick with that.


Pretty good question. I mean I’ve heard better but it’s not bad at all.

hmm who would I choose. First thought is that there are only three seats in my van so three of the passengers would have to be happy in the back. I’ll have my mate DDJ up top with me. He’s not my best mate by any means but he’s a good laugh. I think we might like to hang out with Rory O’Neill so he’s got the second seat. Then maybe set Crosby, Stills and Nash up in the back to sing us sweet harmonies all the way.

EDIT: just realised I’ve put three OAPs in the back of a van for 7 hours. oh well fuck it they were never that good anyway


This thread?


@1101010 what you reading at the moment, mate?


just would like to make some money I guess, I feel like a child playing at pretending to be a musician.

You’re right though, I need to try and overcome this.

thanks x


thats the one, thanks teho x


I just found it because I wanted to post in it - weird



I mean I finished Reni Eddo-Lodge’s book and I was going to read either Green Mars or Pachinko by Min Jin Lee…But I got followed on Twitter by this weirdly endearing husband & wife geek podcast who were going through The Name of the Wind. Which was a book I found about half great and half duff.

Anyhoo, I started listening to the podcast while going through some really boring work and this resulted in me re-reading The Name of the Wind.

So that’s your answer: I’m wasting precious time when I could be reading new books, reading an old book I didn’t think was all that in the first place.


what a day!


@marckee you cycled to work yet???


@Antpocalypsenow how do you feel that despite it’s shaky start I have now pushed this thread over the double 00 mark?