A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


I think this thread will go down as an all-time great, I can see it getting upwards of 5k posts in the next three years.

There won’t be a time when it isn’t hovering in the most recent 5 topics on community.drownedinsound.com and we will all know each other better and be a more tight-knit and together online community as a result of this thread.

Internet scholars in 150 year’s time will view it as a landmark moment when the internet finally began to completely replace face-to-face interaction as mankind’s most beneficial method of communication.

Thanks for your question.


@NoahVale Has your office drama (iced coffee drink-gate) dramatically resolved itself yet, or is it all just rumbling on?


@Steved what is your favourite Bergman film?


They’re still at it on the sly


No I haven’t yet. A holiday, a chest infection, meetings and my knee injury have prevented it so far.

Next week, hopefully.


charcoal grey


and besides, it was kind of funny



What is your opinion on Carly Rae Jepson?


MOUSEBIRD, easily. Only non-standard (in Countdown world) 9 I got to declare iirc. Wasn’t 100% sure about it - I’d never declared it in a letters round online or anything, but it jumped out at me in a way that made me fairly sure it was a thing… I’d seen it as a conundrum a few times before which must have been how I remembered it. Ngl, it’s generally a pretty fucking good spot in a selection which doesn’t look particularly 9y.


@sean how do you think the new forum is going, mate?


I think she’s brilliant.

Emotion and her show at the Islington Assembly Hall were probably my favourites of 2015.


@Epimer if you were sent back in time 100 years would you bother inventing anything


Impressive work, pervo



so many excuses!!!


Actually that’s just on tv. At an event it would be CANDLELIT or AUTEURISM. Context for the latter: had an IRL 0-6 record against one of the best player of recent years in the community and he played so obsessively, in a way that no-one with any semblance of a life could, that I really resented him and had ended up having public crying bouts after losing to him on at least one occasion (often after a game that, if I’d won, would have got me to an event final). Anyway, went to play him this year in Lincoln and spotted that little beauty in round 1. He didn’t and seemed surprised there was a 9 there. He beat me on 2 rounds in the rest of the game but I still won by 1 point. Since then I’ve been much more relaxed and pleasant to be around when I’ve had to play him, and took 3 out of 8 games off him in the semi final of the online Masters last week.

Anyway I sound really smug so I’m gonna shut up now.


@1101010 Are you sad that I’ve out-geeked you on GoT?


He missed out “it’s too hot at the moment”


Once I start, I’ll be fine and wonder why I didn’t do it more often. I am planning on going out this weekend to test out the route.


Compared to the central line?


Not really. Although you have earned the right to be smug tbh