A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*



Do you prefer Run Away With Me or Your Type?


His type on paper or actually his type?


I think the former.


Hello @NoahVale

Who do you think the new Oxford United manager is going to be?


Fair dos. That’s my current excuse though since my alternative is the well-documented top notch services of Southern Rail. But their carriages are at least air conditioned.

I recognise the point about getting the first go of the year out of the way though. I always have the same reaction.


Me too.


I could also do with getting a pair of prescription sunglasses before I start, but to do that, I need another eye test, and to do that I… blah blah blah.



How are we rating that you out-geeked me?!


fair weather cycling wankers


Surely you just go to Specsavers, claim your eye test back from work due to using screens then make your second pair of glasses into sunglasses?



Didn’t see anyone begging YOU for a full recap of the new trailer.


Anyone who asked YOU over ME is dead to me so technically now no one begged YOU either :wink:


Alan Pardew


Just look at my beautiful breakdown in the thread, though.


If only it were that simple at my work…


The flushing toilet would already be done, so no point really.


Yeah, it’s a fucking nightmare here, TBF. I just used to pay the £15 or whatever. Now I get them free due to being over 40 and my family history of glaucoma


That is a good breakdown. You nutter.


Thank you for your suggestion. That would be horrible.

Best regards,


@whiterussian can you stop banging on about game of thrones?