A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*



On second thoughts, when you ask Meths the goatee question, can you report back what he says please?


lol no


I’ll think about it


Hello @imaperv

Do you think 250SEK (around £22) is too expensive for a ticket for the Abba museum in Stockholm?


Steve McLaren is still available…


I think this is very expensive (I don’t think I paid much less than that to get into Lisberg), however Abba are obviously fucking amazing. What does the museum entail?


Haven’t seen any.



Seems like a nice chap, although I don’t think he’d be much use against a rampaging xenomorph, he doesn’t seem exactly a badass.


@Antpocalypsenow are you slightly embarrassed that this massively earnest and somewhat self important post didn’t garner any kind of reaction let alone likes?


No, I’m not. This thread is bigger than me or my feelings now.

Thanks for your question.


What was your second kiss like, man?


I have absolutely no idea, sorry.



I was wondering if there might be any mileage in a thread about “Your third X” where we’d find out if people remembered their third version of a thing that you would be expected to remember your first one of (like a kiss for example)

Based on your answer I don’t think it’s a go-er.


@Antpocalypsenow at a cafe i sometimes visit, an egg mayo sandwich is advertised at £2.45, i upgraded from brown bread to a brown bap, and added sun dried tomatoes. this brought the sandwich to £4.00. do you think this is a reasonable price increase or a touch steep?


*lovers of comedy


Hmm… Well, I think, you’re effectively gentrifying a sandwich with your changes there and should therefore expect the price to reflect your life decisions. Do I think it’s reasonable? No. Do I think it reflects the wider social context of the sandwich? Yes.

Thanks for your question.


fuck’s sake!


daylight fucking robbery, mate