A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


@Ruffers - are 10 decks still a thing?


3 max, ain’t no-one got time for that.





Could you recommend a good cycling holiday in Europe for a week on a £200 maximum budget that keeps my indie points in credit?


@Antpocalypsenow are you a fan of sundried tomatoes, or do they taste like vinegary leather to you?


@incandenza what was the third football match you ever went to?


hi Smee! the third football match I went to was a preseason friendly for Manchester United vs. Inter Milan (the first two, as you know (?), being Stockport County games vs. York City and Notts County respectively). I watched with my friends Phil and Craig from college.

I hope you are satisfied with this response.


Thank you. It was quicker and more detailed than I was expecting, but not very interesting. However, I think we successfully debunked @Antpocalypsenow’s thesis that people won’t be able to remember the third of something they would be expected to remember the first of.



Touring style, or flying somewhere and hiring a bike and doing local rides?

Does the £200 include everything? Cos if so that’s quite a tight budget. Probably can’t go wrong with cycling to Newhaven, getting the ferry to Dieppe and then cycling around France and staying in campsites or Campaniles or whatever other cheap hotels there are. That bit of France is :100:


I haven’t slept much because a kitten kept waking me up; as such, I’m not currently capable of more than a perfunctory response.

however, I am happy to have debunked our friend Tony’s theory, and I will also send you a FREE VOUCHER.


you can redeem that voucher at any [garbled text].


I don’t really like them insofar as I’ve never thought “ooh I really fancy some sundried tomatoes right now” but I also don’t hate them if I ever do have to eat them.

Thanks for your question.


This is very interesting… Perhaps a thread about the third time you’ve done a thing could be a go-er!


hey @Antpocalypsenow how come you never come to dis meats for a lovely glass of lemonade? is it because you hate us


Many thanks for your considered reply.


Hello Ruffers, I have been to DiS meats in the past and hope to attend in the future as well, recent timings haven’t worked out is all. I certainly don’t hate you, I actually love you all.


Hey @Antpocalypsenow,

Do you think 1 week and 275 replies later, the reason no one has asked me a question is because they hate me, because I’m uninteresting or just generally irksome and needy?



Hello Owen, I think it’s probably because this thread has started to gather pace in a timeframe where you’ve been jet-setting like the straight baller that you are and therefore haven’t been around as much?

I can only speak for myself but I love you, you are interesting, un-irksome and self-sufficient.

Thanks for your question.


You are too good for this earth, antpants :heart:


Hi @elthamsmateowen

Have you changed your team’s Whatsapp group name yet?




I went in there this morning to let them know I’m WFH but I will change it as soon as I think of something mildly amusing.