A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


@xylo Have you got one of those Rupert the Bear annuals where he’s brown and that makes them worth a fortune or whatever?


we don’t at the moment. someone bought a lot of Paddington just a couple…of…weeks ago.

stares horrified into camera


@Ruffers what do your cat(s) eat and how often?


Chicken biscuits, usually, because they’re meant to be good for their teeth. Sometimes they split a can of tuna for a treat. Tend to be fed twice a day though I’ll admit forgetting sometimes, and also being lied to by them and some days they probably get more. :smile_cat:


any brand or do you just get whatever? I got my cat 4 sacks of this last year but haven’t got round to ordering more since, so he just scowls at the go-cat I usually give him now. Occasionally give him some wet food too, but massively regret that as he gets arsey when its not available.


:smiley: They look very dignified
Yeah they usually just get whiskers or go cat (though I prefer go cat because the cat on the box looks really stupid), they’re so used to it they usually get a bit sniffy about wet food that isn’t actual human food, complete reverse snobbery.


yeah, its like waitrose for cats.

gave me cat a pack of mince I wasn’t going to eat the other day and he fucking loved it. Thinking about moving to just buying discounted meat for him in the future as it may be cheaper and presumably more nutritious.


You can knock off the transport there and back from the budget.

But sounds excellent, thanks so much!

Had some wonderful, if blustery, childhood holidays in Brittany, plus 20 years ago I went to Dieppe and Rouen on a school trip. Great bunch o’ places. Was a complete mindpiss for a kid going away without his parents for the first time though, especially a massive fight on the ferry back our bus driver broke up and hanging around with the school thugs who thought it was well funny to walk round Rouen Cathedral with a dictaphone repeat playing a recording of “For the fookin’ fifth time, what the fook is your name?” :-/


@marckee What happens if like 10 Downing Street or Buckingham Palace or whatever want to change their broadband provider?


@Antpocalypsenow Why would it be any different to anybody else?


years of bureaucracy, no ultimate change.


Well, I dunno, it’s funny to think of a Virgin engineer turning up with their little toolbox at 10 Downing Street though innit? Theresa May having to WFH for the morning to let him in and that?

Thanks for your question.


@marckee - is mango wood a decent material or is it more weird man, GO WOOD.


What are you wanting to use it to do?


Coffee table, potentially dining table too but not sure if it’s a bit shit. I respect wood.


Oh, it’s fine for furniture. I’m personally not a big fan of the aesthetic as it works best with big, chunky forms, but it’s a good material for hard-wearing pieces. If you can, try and make sure that it comes from a fairtrade and sustainable mango farm (the trees are harvested for lumber when they get too tall to harvest the fruit).


Why is there bo coach E on these trains @discobot fortune


Sweet, thanks man! Gonna go parquet style on both surfaces I think. Will try my best to ethically source.


@ninetyeightytwo How come your question to @chadders about his avatar couldn’t have gone in here?


I don’t have an answer to this question.