A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


Thank you for your answer.


Bought a couple of massive mango wood wardrobes second hand when we moved into our current place. Fucking hell getting them up three flights of stairs D:


Ooft! Coffee and dining table I’m thinking so they’ll be living on the ground floor thankfully.


@sheeldz Do you know much about Active Network Management and if so can you recommend any online material that gives a (not too-basic) overview?


Uh… No. I’m a Chemical Engineer not Electrical sadly.

I do have a pal who did EEE if you want to DM me?


Hi @Jeremys_Iron. What do you think about the Conor Magregor/Flloyd Mayweather media circuit?


Hi ssf! Thank you for your question. I think it’s a battle to be the biggest bellend but I won’t lie I’ve found some of the press conference stuff quite funny, specifically McGregor getting on at Floyd for not being able to read :joy:

It’s gone a bit WWF though innit :confused: And I guess whoever wins, we lose essentially.


@1101010 who do you think is the best dr who?



Davison was the one I first got into so probably him but Matt Smith’s first series as excellent too.


The only good Dr Who is a dead Dr Who.

[So one of those three]


expected more than this tbh



Bit sinister


It’s Monday


It’s causing me a lot of pain to try to decipher which each actor is being referenced here.

Anyway, I’m not a big enough Who fan to have seen much from a lot. I’ve seen one 4th Doctor story at ATP, no 1st, 2nd or 3rd, about the first 15 mins of the 6th, and all of the others. So even doing a relative mapping there would be tough.

(Your list doesn’t include John Hurt but does include Paul McGann when arguably they both had similar screen times - although I have heard some 8th Doctor audio stuff on BBC 7 on DAB back in the day so I would rate him higher than you have.)


ah ive only seen the mcgann film and didnt think john hurt was in it enough to count him. id put john hurt higher tho coz he was great



Why did you ask me that question about the Olsen twins in the ‘Remember Anything?’ thread rather than in here?


I remembered them first, then I thought of the question


That is indeed a very crucial sequencing distinction. Thank you for your answer.



Did you ever get an answer to this?


@marckee - putting a hot tub in a wooden summer house is just going to lead to really fucked wood innit?