A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*

Wooooah, never heard that song before in my life, but can see why you’d think so!

So the answer is no

I only heard it for the first time this week and was convinced you were inspired by it!

Thank you for answering my question!

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Oh hi Japes, not yet I’m afraid.

In terms of things I’ve eaten since we had our chat about them they have been as follows:

1x Pizza (Nduja from Pizza Pilgrims)
2x Bowl of Alpen
1x Jerk Chicken and Rice
2x Bagels (Sesame Seeds, toasted with marmite)
1x Bowl of Krave

@NeilYoung how long do you reckon a game of college football typically lasts including tv breaks and etc? So out of practice watching games actually live but Oregon-washington starts early enough tonight I can catch at least some of it, trying to figure roughly how much I’ll get though.

About 3-3.5 hours, you can do it!

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Don’t think I’m going to make it :worried:

Ill watch it for you :grin:

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Going to have to finish it tomorrow night. Why did I have to pick a team in the Pacific time zone? Ridiculous choice.

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Holy shit, what?!

The game doesn’t have a rolling clock like soccer football does, so despite ostensibly being made up of 15 minute quarters, that hour of playing time gets stretched out considerably by the various thngs which stop the clock, time outs, half time, refs reviewing decisions, and if the game is televised also ‘media time outs’ (scheduled ad breaks).

This is why I much prefer watching American football on a delay (for example, last night I started the game almost half an hour after kick off, and by the time I needed to go to bed at half time I was only just back to watching as live for having fast-forwarded purely though ads and time outs)


The ad breaks are bonkers. Remember seeing the start of a game in a bar in New York, every time I looked up it was an ad, went to several more bars and still think I got back to the hotel before the game had ended.

Short attention spans over here in America, we need breaks! :rofl:

@Antpocalypsenow do you think someone has ever reached the age of 102 and another person has sung

Happy birthday to you
You’re a hundred and two
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too

at them?

Does this change your answer:

there were 820 people alive over 105 last year in the UK

I think it’s unlikely that that has happened owing to the fact that people tend to show 102 year olds an undue amount of respect. I would love it if it had happened though.

Thank you for your question x

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