A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*

There was nothing obvious, but this spot where he measured is below the worktop which I admit I didn’t check.

I guess the key thing is to just to check if there’s any warranty from the builders if it does become apparent there needs to be remedial work done?

Yes. Also make sure that you’ve got building regs sign off, and that you’re not liable for the payment of any retention at the end of defects liability period.

We definitely have the regs sign off, will have to check on the liability stuff. Cheers!

I have not, but I have seen her anti-woke media round and I did not think much of it. If she hates crying she’s going to hate me :sweat_smile:

(I’ve kinda distanced myself from most if not all of it so I don’t really see much about it these days. However there’s a narcissistic 40-something Irish man who thinks hosting YouTube Countdown series - which has increasingly become a vehicle for his weighty ego - makes him qualified to host the main show, actually believes he can get his tinpot online version on E4, and genuinely threw the most enormous wobbler when he didn’t, surprisingly, get offered the job. I will move into a cave if it ever happens.)

I did not, but I enjoyed seeing it just now

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What is this Dutch lady saying please?

“wie de fuck is Wierd Duk”

Wierd Duk is a renowned Dutch historian, author and TV personality

So, “Who the fuck is Weird Duk?”

Lovely, thank you.

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hey @marckee

are you familiar with the work of George Clarke, and how do you rate his architecting?

He used to be one of my tutors at university, and I got to know him socially a bit after I graduated as he was friends with quite a few colleagues who were a little older than me, but I’m not really familiar with his own work, outside of the TV programmes.

I think his recent documentaries on social housing were very good, although it is a bit of a change from when he used to jokingly call me ‘Citizen Smith’ for always pushing the municipal and anarchist side of projects.

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