A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


The vote is sufficient, but feel free to elaborate if you wish.


I think it’s going quite well, Smee has been a bit of a dick but that’s to be expected. Like I said upthread, I think history will probably judge it as a force for good. It’s kind of too early to properly grade it though.

Thanks for your question.


Ooh well I’m an actual peasant when it comes to food so probably grilled halloumi salad starter, bbq chicken main with corn and mashed potato and chocolate ice cream desert because it’s a dream and I’m not a vegan (which I only do for the ethics, I love meat and dairy :sob: )

Vegan dream meal is probably a Chinese takeaway, tofu and noodles in black bean sauce with spring rolls before and more chocolate ice cream. It’s my go to when I want to treat myself :ramen:


Thanks JazzBazz, very comprehensive answer and, again, I’m sorry if the timing of the question was insensitive.


Its ok! I think about food loads anyway



What’s your favourite type of hinge or bracket?



How long do you think you’d survive if you were a soldier in a medieval battle? You’re not on the front line, but in the middle somewhere. You’ve got a shield, half-decent armour and a sword (or axe if you’d prefer). It’s about 1,000 people on each side.


Noo not at all!! Any muslim that gets precious about people eating/talking about food around them or whatever should get over themselves, it’s only temporary unlike the way it is for many poor people



Where the fuck are you, man? What gives?


Probably Patrick Fyffe and George Logan


Not too bad, thank you! She’ll be five months old on Sunday, and is already pretty massive for her age (in the 91st percentile at last weigh-in). She can roll from tummy to back, and is getting close on the other way. Literally yesterday she realised she can lie on her back and push with her legs to scoot around, which looks slightly demonic, but seems fairly effective, and means I can never take my eyes off her again. Her main hobby is chewing things, though no teeth quite yet. She has developed an excellent giggle and laughs a lot at things. My only complaint is that she’s still very jet lagged after flying back from Florida on Monday, so it waking up every couple of hours, which in this heat, has not helped with sleeping.


This reply has made me rather happy, how lovely! :slight_smile:

EDIT: A fuckload happier than Marckee’s made me anyway…


@Antpocalypsenow What is your problem?


@zxcvbnm you coming out on Saturday hun?


You knew exactly what I was asking in my question and you turned it on it’s head. I feel hurt that my attempts to interact with you about something you’re passionate about have been pissed on like this.

Thanks for your question.


No worries! Have a pic:



Did you have a trike as a kid? Can you tell us about it if so?



would you agree that Chocolate Almond Fudge >> Chocolate Chip in the cliff bar hierarchy ?



I have no memory of it, but I know I had one because there’s a video of my riding it up and down the hallways of the house I grew up in when I was about 2 years old.

I am fairly sure it looked a bit like this: