A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*



What was your first kiss like, man?



What is your sisters name and is she single




Would you say that you have a sexybum?


I think it’s probably ok. But I’d struggle to describe it as sexy given that I mainly use it for pooing and sitting.


Oh man that’ll get me in the feels. It was at one of those free spirited underage drinking houseparties, on top of a table in a living room of a very rich person.
That Jojo song GET OUT was playing. It was pretty good in standard I think for a first go.
I still have her on facebook, she’s a psychologist now and getting married to someone else from my hometown, such is life.

27 I was.


Thank you for your answer.


(@Antpocalypsenow I am now asking you your own question unless there is no touchbacks no returns)


that’s very young for your first kiss!


Kids these days


Hmm, not sure about the protocol of this but I’ll have to run it by the powers that be later.

It was in the bedroom of my first proper girlfriend with her door shut, I was nervous about it on accounts of how I felt like I should have had a first kiss already by that stage of my life, I think it went ok, I remember her perfume very vividly and it’s a very evocative smell if I ever smell the same one somewhere.

I was 39.


hey @foppyish what was the last thing that made you crack up laughing


@Antpocalypsenow are you a fan of Alain de Botton or was that Tweet you posted just one of those things that entered your timeline?


@Antpocalypsenow was it with your first proper girlfriend, or just in her bedroom?


I know what you mean, I get the same feeling whenever saps posts.




@Ruffers Do you only wear all pink now?


Hey wr thanks for the question. No I have a pair of pink sunnies that accent my all-black wardrobe quite well I think. That pink shirt I was wearing was a Summery one-off.
Holds sentimental value too, it was my Grandad’s who died 12 years ago, the shirt is very much older than that but I don’t think he died in it thankfully. It is airy/baggy too which was definitely needed.


@1101010 - what items do you currently have attached to your belt?


Thanks for you reply. I’m wearing a lot of pink these days too, feels nice.


I’m really struggling to remember, I think it was something that miss foppyish and I were laughing about together, something she said or did. It’ll come to me (I hope).