A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


I am not wearing a belt.

When I wear one the only thing attached are my trousers/shorts.


@1101010 pint soon?


Yes, mate.



@lucien - where for art thou?


@plasticniki if you could have a bath filled with anything delivered to your door, what would that be?


Look m11 I’m no Tongue enthusiast but you’ve ballsed that right up


Oh yeah. Well Shakespeare is for LIBTARD ANARCHISTS these days.


Those are only 330mls at best, I reckon.


Thanks for your interest.

It’s wasabi - chicken yakisoba with some salmon nigiri pieces.


@ericthefourth what’s your 7th favourite tv show of all time?


an assortment of very expensive cycling clothing

if we’re talking food / drink: beans, obv, but i’d want some cans of beer chucked in there too please


I’ll do you one better you’re getting all of the above! Unfortunately there are no tins for the beer or beans but that shouldn’t be a problem


Thank you kindly for your reply. I have to say I was expecting a different fast food restaurant (more in the McDonalds/BK/KFC mould) but I appreciate the answer, and the broadening of my food horizons.



i’d assumed it would literally be the beans emptied into the tub, but if the beer’s just swilling about too then fine

has anyone actually sat in a bath full of beans here i wonder?



Well Tone, I have been awarded, at every job I’ve worked at, an Employee of the Quarter award.

Cant quite tell you why though.



What were the skies like when you were young?


No idea who he is, friend. Just popped up on the timeline.

Thanks for your question.


@1101010 Snickers bar soon?


Yes, it was with my first proper girlfriend.

Thanks for your question.