A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*


Thank you, a follow-up question:


Are you comfortable working alone as well as part of a team?



Unless it’s an ice cream. Those are nice.


Catherine, and no, her bf is bigger than you too. Also she basically has my face


Should I be worried that I was going to comment on that too till I saw this post?


No, you and I both pretty cool older DiSers when it comes down to it.


This is so good on multiple levels


Any time I manage to bring a bit of joy into the life of Ruffers is a good time. :smiley:


on the basis of having made a quick roughly ordered list, i’d have to say that it is the adventures of pete & pete


@thewarn what was the worst haircut you ever had


I hate everybody so I much prefer to work alone. I am in a team of 4 people, all based in the US. I’m the only one here.


she’s got your eyes!


My mum used to cut my hair, so probably the wonky fringe years aged 4-9

Either that or when I had shoulder length hair with an undercut, paired up with (gingerish) sideburns down to my chin.




That last one sounds magnificent and I don’t believe you wouldn’t have any pictures


I’m sure I do, but they’ll be, like actual photgraphs and shit. None of this modern ‘online’ nonsense.


i imagine shorts with a belt is a real standard theo look


thank you


@Antpocalypsenow can you ever learn to love me again?


@plasticniki can you delete the conversation that I shamed myself with up there please?


fleece, shorts/belt, flip flops