A thread to compile an updated list of DiS acronyms, abbreviations and slang

It seems to have come up a lot in the “Things you don’t really understand…” thread that plenty of people are a bit unsure about a lot of the acronyms, abbreviations and slang that are used on here.

I didn’t know if it would be useful to compile a list of all the stuff currently in use, possibly also to have it (when finished as much as it can be) pinned to the start for new users? Emphasis on the currently in use part, there is an old list for anything of historical interest only.

So, here are the ones that I can think of off of the top of my head. Some might be obvious, but I thought it worthwhile to attempt to be exhaustive:
ATD: All Time Dog (a great friend)
CWBAFT: chance would be a fine thing
m9/m[number]: mate
smh: shaking my head
TV: thinly veiled (partner/significant other/etc)

Ok, so turns out off the top of my head isn’t a long list, I know there are at least a few others, particularly common references that might be hard to understand. I am perfectly happy for a mod to edit other terms as they are added below to my list (if that is a thing?), if not I will compile a revised list below when the thread seems to have run dry.

Hopefully this is a useful endeavour.


once i killer a man


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In the thread I mentioned in the OP a few people expressed how that list is a bit outmoded and references some more unsavoury things/users from the past. This was about getting a clean list of things that would be useful to know for anyone currently using the boards. There is a lot to wade through in the old list that is irrelevant now and makes it more difficult to pick out the useful information.

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Don’t really use wider social media so I can’t tell what’s just internet stuff. Happy to embarrass myself further if needed though

It is, pretty much, but there’s still things in there that are used.

Similar here, I guess it doesn’t have to be DiS exclusive terms only.

Well I always forget FTFY for ages but I’m pretty sure it means “fixed that for you”. I have no excuses anymore

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Good one, totally forgot that!

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aha really?!

yours is more fun

I probably should have gone through it first to pick out the useful stuff to make a decent sized list in the opening post, but just starting to look through it now I don’t particularly want to be reading through some of that stuff and wouldn’t wish it on any new user to have to get their head round it either.

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Discobot is worth putting on the list, but I am unsure of a succinct explanation.

  • second breakfast / Day Job
  • NERD!
  • save it for Thursday
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will it benefit me to know what RTF means

Old DiS/New DiS: the former refers to the original forums before they became the latter in September 2016 when the boards migrated to their current form on Discourse. [more detail necessary?]

Discourse: the host (?) of the DiS boards.

cba: can’t be arsed

  • Winter II
  • Justin Casablancas

EDIT: probably would be wise to have a subsection for self-doings


Respect the format! (Usually of an Ask Me Anything thread)


thank you

RTF: respect the format (used primarily in Ask Me Anything threads to call out someone breaking the format, also used in other threads with a stated format)

Edit: or what ccb said much more concisely before me.