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Cutting your thread at an angle instead of straight makes threading a needle slightly easier


been sewing, have we?

Nope, never

talcum powder can stop floorboards from creaking (apparently)

#TopTip thanks Beefy

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you’re welcome chief. good luck with the rest of the thread :handshake:

Hahahahaha! Classic Stickboy!

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A stitch, sewn at an early enough juncture, will save you from having to make around nine additional stitches, should you procrastinate and thus allow the garment to become even more frayed.

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Put a pinch of sage in your boots and all day a long a spicy scent is your reward


buy a toilet plunger before you need a toilet plunger


Good advice

When travelling abroad book the return flight to coincide with payday.
That way you;

  • don’t overspend wildly while away
  • have a stress free return flight during which you can pamper yourself a little with overpriced food etc
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Ultimate and best advice


Don’t tie your shoelaces in a revolving door

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If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.

alright, Galen of Pergamon

Sprig of elderflower. Fizzy water. Thank me later.