A thread to find out about what the kids of DiSers are into at the minute

Hello. This isn’t a weird thread, it’s actually nice.

It’s fun to learn about what kids are into at the minute because kids have really fun and endearing interests IMO.

If you are a DiS parent who is comfortable to do so, please use this thread to tell us about how your kid is dead into Paw Patrol or bugs or whatever.

Mine is bang in to dribbling, putting her whole fist in her mouth and shouting “EB!” at people who aren’t talking to her.


my kid is currently well into Tintin.

Unfortunately he found Tintin in the Congo (which I’ve now hidden). Bit problematic that one.

Forgot about Tintin in the Land of the Soviets though (almost as bad). Hidden that one now too.

I’m a terrible parent (but good Tintin completist)


Rolling over onto her front, being sick on me (but not her mum), sleeping, sucking her thumb/hand/fist/any material she can get her hands on, babbling.

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It’s nice that your kid is into Tintin even though Tintin is shit and boring IMO.


Are you into Asterix? He’s got into that too.


Mostly this…


Nah, always hated both of them as a kid.

Good Tintin shop in Bruges. But of course you already know this.


I heard about this Baby Shark business some time ago but now I understand there is an accompanying dance craze sweeping across adults also?

Found Asterix piss funny as a kid. Tintin was mega shit in comparison…

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Love 'em both.

There you go Tone…

Do you know about Jonny Jonny, Yes Papa? Eating Sugar, No Papa, Telling Lies? No Papa, Open Your Mouth?


Jimbo’s into riding his balance bike, watching the films Cars, Moana and Minions, and sharing daddy’s breakfast.

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The four Alvin and the Chipmunks films (you can find three on Netflix and one on Prime if you are interested). David Cross is in them as is Tony Hale. Been into them for about two or three weeks. I am now allowed to play on the Switch when they are on but I will be required to watch certain scenes.

Also Football magazines.


Moana is good, Jimbo is good for liking it.


Yes, yes I do. I will field any questions you have :+1:

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I once fancy-dressed up as Alvin as a child, it is probably the only time I have ever dressed up as a non-human.

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No questions really. Weird though innit.