A thread to find out about what the kids of DiSers are into at the minute

The Go Team must be a total blast for kids to listen to


Daughter, Aged 2 and a bit


  • Postman Pat
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Peppa Pig pyjamas
  • Bouncy Castles
  • “Daddy’s Music”
  • Digging
  • Running intsead of walking
  • Throwing herself on the floor if she doesn’t get her way
  • Tipping the pegs out of their tub
  • Drawing
  • Shoving everything in her gob
  • Blankets
  • Fake sleeping
  • Calling me “Silly daddy”
  • M&S Tuna and Sweetcorn sarnies


  • Most lunches, apart from aforementioned sarnie
  • Not getting her own way
  • Walking

He has a lot of fun listening to them, lots of dancing :slight_smile:


Aw :blush:

Has she got any favourites?

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She seems to like heavier stuff, but Neil Young has been on a lot and she’s used to that now. Fool’s Gold (the band, not the song) gets a shuffle from her too.


Lionel Richie’s character has since developed in a full-grown baddie who features in their stories / games quite regularly. Along with Philippa Oberio (whose name seems to derive from me singing the Filippo Berio advert song a while back)


It turns out that one of the people at my socially distanced drinks last night was the main bloke from the Go! Team. He lives just round the corner from me and is a friend of a friend. It didn’t click until after he’d gone. My other half went to school with their guitarist too.


This is brilliant. Do they know who he is? Or do they just like the name?


11yo: trains (specifically ICE trains, U-bahns and S-bahns), the Phoenix magazine, playing drums, reading prolifically, the Space Shuttle programme, adventure stories with her sister, and a made-up band called The Deutsche Rockers (sample song: We’re Zooming Round The Country)

7yo: bunny rabbits, gardening, cooking, playing the piano, talking to her best friend on WhatsApp, making craft bits and pieces, adventure stories with her sister, and a made-up band called the Deutsche Zoomers (sample song: Violets Blue)

As part of Mrs CCB’s birthday present, we recorded a split A-side single featuring the Deutsche Zoomers and the Deutsche Rockers. Two songs, four minutes, punk af.


I don’t know tbh! I will ask the youngest tomorrow

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12yo daughter…

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift’s cats
Reading - mostly novels about doomed teenage romances, especially ones where one of the characters has a terminal disease
Giving off the impression that she thinks her parents are total idiots

forced exercise
any music her father listens to


The kid has just turned two and is really in to -

Shaun The Sheep (DADA BAA, DADA BAA)
The 1977 Winnie The Pooh movie (DADA POO DADA POO)
101 Dalmatians (DADA WOOF)
Going out for walks in the woods to see the ducks and ducklings (MAMA DADA BUBBA DUCK!)
The books Chu’s Day and Chu’s Day At The Beach by Neil Gaiman
Spotting horses from the car and making a clip clop sound, or shouting BOWL when she sees a foal
The Tiger Who Came To Tea soundtrack

Also being a complete dick until she gets her own way and throwing enormous tantrums. Back to nursery next week for two days and I can’t wait.


Elena of Avalor


hi @anon50098204 I got the complete Tintin collection today as a treat to myself for being a good boy

Doesn’t come with the Congo one, looked it up and my oh my.

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for this post about Tintin and well done on being a good dad.

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R, 6 Yr old

Sonic the hedgehog (sonic boom on Netflix, dash and forces on ipad)
Tean Titans
Reading Harry Potter (currently on book #2)
Star Wars
Lego, especially of all of the above
Beastie Boys
Eating pizza, burgers, spag bol
BMX tracks
Top trumps

Dog walks
Green food
Losing at top trumps


Update - she’s been using her soldering iron for pyrography, scorching wood to create decorations etc. Here’s our house number plate she created herself


Nice! I don’t know about her particular soldering iron, but if you can change the tip you might be able to get her different points for increasing the range of pyrography things you can do (you can get special pyrography tools which are basically soldering irons - hobbycraft do them I think, also sometimes Lidl do a set with like a dozen attachments)

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Oooooo that’s exciting - will investigate :slight_smile:

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12 yo daughter likes:

The Kissing Booth (it’s a film, apparently)
Musicals (Six, And Juliet, Hamilton, Mamma Mia, Mamma Mia 2)
Macaroni cheese
Facetiming friends although rarely actually talking on the calls
Vacuous YouTube videos (Dad v Girls seems to be a favourite at the moment, one of the recent ones was a video of them trying to go to McDonalds and sacking it off because the queue was too long)

9 yo son likes:

Vacuous YouTube videos - mostly of people old enough to know better playing Roblox
Facetiming friends and playing Roblox together
Grime music


4 year old:
Bluey - an australian cartoon about a family of dogs she found on Disney Jr. She is OBSESSED with it. I am her hero at the minute because I found out the second series is out in Australia and managed to download it for her.
Puppy Dog Pals - another Disney Jr show
Books - Julia Donaldson books and Mog, starting to get interested in Roald Dahl
Jigsaw puzzles
Being a dog catcher - I think this originated from Lady and the Tramp. She hides all her dog teddies around the house and gives some of them collars made of pipe cleaners. Then she’ll go round checking which ones have collars, if they don’t, it’s “No collar huh? Well it’s a one way trip to the pound for you!” and she’ll wrap a long piece of string round their necks and drag them off behind the baby gate. She really seems to like being the bad guy in her games.

1 year old:
Little Baby Bum
Headbutting the couch cushions with extreme force
An ikea pig teddy she calls Toots
Happy Birthday Spot