A thread to find out about what the kids of DiSers are into at the minute

They haven’t put it in the iplayer yet. FYI it won’t be a calming experience :smiley:

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Think 50% of the motivation to have a second child was from wanting to keep watching duggee



Same. Also Sarah & Duck. And Yakka Dee. And and and…

Really enjoying going through the YouTube toddler songs playlist I made for the eldest, all over again with the youngest (with the eldest pretending to not be loving it, too).

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Have just started watching this at ours. I absolutely love it.

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There’s a podcast dedicated yo each episode for adults started by two journalist mums down here.

I feel like I already said this actually?

I have never listened to it.

Here’s one of them.

Now certain I posted this in here already too. Fuck it.

New to me, ta.

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Same with Duggee and same with Bluey. So disappointing. I feel like I’m trying to sell in The Wire. The old “Try a few episodes/half a season, and you’ll be hooked” spiel doesn’t work on a 5 y/o seeking the instant gratification provided by Ninjago.

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It’s hard to move on. I’m tempted to put some Sarah & Duck on in the background while I work


She might still come back round to it!

R went off it for ages but then had another phase, now still occasionally watches some when he wants a break from Octonauts.

Anyone watched B.O.T and the Beasties? Very funny.

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Yeah i’ve a similar experience - currently experiencing phase two and i couldn’t be happier :smiley:

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Yeah both mine (4 and 2) absolutely love this - 4 year old is just a bit upset that there aren’t more as we read (to him) there was going to be 50 but then they seem to have stopped after episode 15.

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Yeah, cbeebies have an annoying habit of eeking out new episodes! Very frustrating.

By the time the new ones of the drop the kids will have grown out of them :’(

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R is very invested in these being more and frequently requests the Chinese trailer for the film that was out there last month. Reckon he’ll still be well into it for at least a year, but I have no idea when the new stuff will be here.

They’re talking about a season 6 as well, but who knowsss!

Also Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir seems to have been pushed back to September ffs

4yo daughter still massively into Dengineers, she can watch it for hours, so it’s a good job there’s five series of it. She’s also got into something called Step Up To The Plate which is a reality show where children cook and wait tables in a restaurant. There’s only four episodes at the moment so I’ve watched the same child struggle to make the same Halloween-themed black pudding dish for some ungrateful comedians about 25 times now.

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Film’s due on Netfilx at the end of next month.


Excellent! It didn’t have a date last time I looked, he’s going to be well pleased with that :octopus:

I think it only got announced today - should be worldwide on 30th March.