A thread to find out about what the kids of DiSers are into at the minute

4 year old is developing his skills in giving attitude.

me to partner: “that was a loud sneeze”
Partner: “you can talk!”
4yo: rolls eyes “everyone in the whole world can talk mummy”


I mean the literal manual, I think I posted a picture of it before.

G has gone full paperwork! She’s made Den Licences - and stopped R from coming in because he’d lost his. Making her own currency (Cheeky Dollers).


both my kids are into putting loads of their plastic animals in a bowl of water, freezing it and then excavating them the next day. it’s a pretty good game.


The cheeky dollers can be used by a parent to buy things back that they’ve stashed.


bums and privates

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right I’m onto this!

you can add a bit of red food colouring if your kids, like mine, like to imagine they’ve discovered the scene of a brutal inter-species feeding frenzy


Sounds great. What tools do you trust them with? I’m guessing power tools and water don’t mix

well they’re 2 and 4 so basically just a butter knife they can scrape with and some lukewarm water in a babies bottle that they can gently douse it with.


Tried this today.

“Has it frozen yet?”

Aaaalllllll afternoon.

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Haha oh yeah you have to do it just before bed time.

We did that with cars back in the summer, where he’d play in the garden and could get ice everywhere, rather than creating future puddles of water to be found later


Blaming things on ghosts
Animal vision glasses


My two year old loves Tiger too. My mum and dad gave her a soft toy one for Christmas and she’s taken it with her everywhere since. Service that was exclusively reserved for her Woody doll for the last 15 months.

The 5 year old has got them both obsessed with couch forts over the past week


Homemade vegan curry!