A thread to find out about what the kids of DiSers are totally not into at the minute

Shirt button training for mine. Got to wear a button up shirt after half term so have started training. He hates it so much and goes absolutely wild and we haven’t even tried to button the collar yet. He can (slowly) do it if he is calm but as it drives him into a frenzy it rarely is.

Very amusing and infuriating in equal measures.

Baby: sleeping longer than 3 hrs.
Toddler: eating non-beige food.

Yup, he’s totally not been into those things too but thankfully no more.

For R:

  • having his hair combed or brushed
  • leaving anywhere without a tantrum
  • napping :frowning:.

We have never really brushed our R’s hair but he stayed at me mam’s for a couple of nights last week and she brushed his hair and he loved it. Weirdo.

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all the best food is beige tbf