A thread to find out about what the parents of DiSers are into at the minute



My Mam: Learning how to operate a weighbridge, bringing her dog to work, planning a trip to Transylvania (She’s gotten mega into Vlad the Impaler/Countess Bathory stories)

My Dad: Detroit Cobras, collecting Munster Rugby memorabilia, collecting old pint glasses and earthenware from pubs. This is his latest haul:


(Apologies to those DiSers who are missing parents or have parental issues, I just thought it’d be a lighthearted look at what people are up to.)


Mum: ???

Dad: robbing mum of her pension

It’s a laugh a minute in the ol’ Epimer family, let me tell you.


My mum is really into hedgehogs right now. She’s built a hedgehog house in her garden. She talks a lot about a website called “Hedgehog Street”.


Have you told her about Gashwrecker? I have a feeling she’d enjoy it.


I instantly regret starting this thread.


I am now glad I started this thread.


Mum: national trust, home improvements, the carpenters

Dad: real madrid, chelsea, disco and funk music, watching youtube videos on his phone loudly in the presence of others


My ma just got a new job closer to home and is happy because she’ll have more time at home to nap and drink tea.

My da: same as usual, learning new testament Greek, the Lord, making stuff out of wood.


Ooooft, Real and watching videos with the sound on? Papa K is on thin ice.


my mum has been really into making dungarees for babies recently:

we’re going to seville for a week at the weekend, so my dad is currently mostly obsessed with researching/planning things to do while we’re there.


Mum: No idea

Dad: No idea

I am a terrible son


is your dad Jesus?


Those are very cute!

(I might pick your brains about Seville once you’ve returned, planning on going in January.)


Are you meat-eaters? I had some of the best beef of my life there if your dad’s after restaurant recommendations


we are, yes. this is certainly something i would be interested in.


there’s an ‘irish’ pub there that I spent a lot of time in when I went 12 years ago.


Mum: 90 day fiancee, Eric Theiss and the copper chef pans, buying rubbish gadgets off the internet from china that turn up 3 months later

Dad: Gardening, Horror and B movies, Going to irish pubs with my mum, carbs (which he shouldne be as he is diabetic).


wouldn’t recommend


Probably. Did Jesus also work for the Met?


Dad; Dead
Mum; Brexit