A thread to go on about legal queries you might have

Someone told me the other day that I could be fined for having my long-expired provisional driving license on me because it was a fraudulent document or something. Sounds like bollocks to me. Why would it matter unless I was using it to drive?

That’s a load of bollocks, expired =/= fraudulent

plus if anything if it’s +10 years old it definitely proves you’re an adult

i used my expired provisional as ID for about 2 years after it expired to when I got an actual licence. no one checks the date.

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That’s what I thought!

Imagine some fucking plod coming up and going “erm, actually that provisional driving license expired in 2012 so I’m issuing you a fine for carrying a fraudulent document”

Fuck off, pig


I still use mine seven years after it expired


i’m calling the police.


Reporting you all to the authorities as we speak. Expect the DVLA Police to be round to take you off to the gulags in 6-8 weeks.

What are you calling them?



Sounds like bullshit.
One time a bouncer wouldn’t let me into a club because I was using my expired passport. I was like, errrr, it’s still a legal document that proves my age?! Wtf.

Did you fuck em up?

Omg Tone! Ahahahaha! So good!

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Of course I did! Fucked them up good and proper.

well, really I just told them they were being a bit silly but I bid them a good evening and went off to find an alternative drinking establishment

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Have you ever got into a proper altercation with a bouncer GtMS?

A couple of weeks ago I had to update my photo driving license as it’s 10 years old.

The letter said I had to cut the old one in two and send the it back to the DVLA and not just bin it as it’s illegal to keep the original.

So there might be something in it. I’ve still not sent the old one back, so I might be arrested soon.

just say you’ve lost it.

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I’ve been through three licences in three years because I moved house then updated it, I’ve never done the cut it up and send it back thing though.


I mostly just try to make friends with them I think, tbh!

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I’m a lawyer and I’ve got an expired passport that I thought I’d lost, and (in obtaining a new one) undertook to return the lost version to her majesty should it ever turn up, but the photo is SO DARN CUTE and like fuck am I sending it back. Bang me up, whatever, don’t care.

Pretty sure they send the old one back to you? They cut off one of the corners so it definitely can’t be used again, but there was no way I was losing those sweet sweet stamps.